So it turns out my future
Is about to be filtered out
As I review my take
On deterministic its

Open to change, yes
As alternatives develop
Scenarios lose contour
Blending into the singular

Until recently attributed
With realistic probabilities
Wave functions squared
And again I collapsed

But having arrived home
I measure my integrity
In an ongoing cycle
Of ensuring I’m alive

The place of convergence
Often the scene of events
At the interstices of exits
Ready to start again

Here’s a decision lightly
Whether to spark a storm
Being the sort of person
Who swarms energy fields

As they enter subdivision
Splitting into several worlds
Mutually sodding exclusive
Hence handing on the baton

My legacy particles excite
Into novel superpositions
Laying origins of convergence
From whence stories grow

This trail of molecules
Seemingly all having passed
Overlooking digestion
Homeostasis and metabolism.