Accelerate into the end
Threats against advances
Advances among threats
Progress by stochastic walk

Flush us with survival bills
Our hands react to panic
Bone screws tighten
Tax collectors double down

Repression and obedience
Attempts to bind our feet
Retain hierarchies and control
Re-establish manoeuvre margins

Wrest what from their control
The world has since drifted
From a high-energy state
Over to its furthest point

Grab and gasp in vain
Forces are all that’s there
A greasy blob’s gravitas
Driven to seize power

Only we feel the weight
Stretching and warping thought
Dreaming of top-dog status
And our own will to dominate

Somewhere to be, then stay
Tracing a nasty precedent
Dispossessed of tomorrow’s tools
And incapable of descent.