Buy, read, review

Buy, read, review

As a writer, I know how challenging it can be to get my work in front of readers. While social media and online platforms have made it easier to share my writing with a wider audience, there are still many barriers to overcome. That’s why it’s so important for me to have the support of my readers, particularly when it comes to buying, reading, and reviewing my novels and poetry collections.

If you’re a follower who enjoys my writing, I would be incredibly grateful if you could buy, read, and review my books. Here’s why:

Buying My Books Helps Support My Writing Career

When you purchase my books, you’re not just buying a product – you’re also investing in my writing career. The money I earn from book sales can help me cover my living expenses, pay for editing and marketing services, and even fund future writing projects. By purchasing my books, you’re directly supporting my writing and helping to ensure that I can continue creating the stories and poems you love.

Reading My Books Helps Spread the Word

When you enjoy my books, you’re likely to tell your friends and family about them. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be incredibly powerful in the book world, and they can help me reach new readers who might not have heard of me otherwise. The more people who read my books, the more likely I am to gain new fans and build a following.

Reviewing My Books Helps Boost My Visibility

Reviews are a crucial part of the book world. They help readers decide whether or not to buy a book, and they can also help boost my visibility on online platforms like Amazon and Goodreads. When you leave reviews of my books, you’re not just helping me – you’re also helping other readers discover my work. Positive reviews can lead to more book sales and a larger fan base.

So, if you’re a reader who enjoys my writing and wants to support my career, I would be incredibly grateful if you could buy, read, and review my novels and poetry collections. You can do this by sharing links to my books on your social media platforms, hosting giveaways or promotions, and even offering to send free copies to your most dedicated friends and family members.

Remember, as a writer, I can’t do it alone. I need the support of my readers to succeed, and by buying, reading, and reviewing my work, you’re helping to build a community of fans who will support me for years to come.


One Last Thought

It’s funny how some things slip your mind so easily, I’d forgotten until now I’d been a child once. But now it is as clear and real as the outcome of the next few spilt seconds. As if I were them I can see myself from my parents perspective leaning over my pram to tickle me, strange though… to see myself from their eyes.

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The question begs
Why perform an action
Not conducive to motion
In the direction
Of your desires

My will is sleeping
It too needs to rest
Only now occurring
Is the thought
That I’m being bluffed

It’s fatigue
When I need catharsis
Instead I change seats
Unaware of the facts
Random stochastic acts

My internal logic
Is wired backwards
Approaching chaos
Then I hear the voice
Of the ex waitress

Choosing another seat
Her words having been elsewhere
Navigating a torturous route
My senses tell me
What was that?

You want to sit with me?
You’re new here?
There is no communication
I get lost in thought
Trying to pinpoint her accent



You’re too cold sometimes
Blinding me to the chances
You’ll ever give my soul
The gentle, warm-handed massage
It tends to want to need

But that may not be it
Or at least not all
What if there’s suffering
Involved in finding out
Is it worth our while

You need a person
And I need a horse
You’re wild and untamed
And I seem capable
Of fulfilling that role

Speaking of such
I admit I have a whip
But not that I use it
Except perhaps on me
When I find myself asking

Those same questions again
Should I stop it here
Although more often why
Would I not resolve this
Like I do other problems

Thing is this
I lose interest
And gain lethargy
In a cycle
Time is but a mediator.

The squeeze

The squeeze

We’re in a Mexican standoff
With no one to talk us down
Glock gold fatal stranglehold
Malignant but for some

Power’s too diffuse
Words echo through space-time
Black oily reins no use
Because we despise it

Knowing nothing of them
Not a moment’s inspection
Even holding our attention
Ends in vinegary revulsion

Pro tem they form empires
Built on pyramids of data
Networks of metastatic knowledge
On an already divided world

Our monarchies moan
Our oligopolies creak
Our democrarchies putrefy
Until we fill the void