Outliers unite

Outliers unite

An army of non-believers form
A dogmatic wall of resistance
Fortified with an aversion
To include outlying data

Whereas I speech-act
And what of the exceptions
Those finding themselves
In their highest-energy states

Waveforms out on a limb
Defending the light brigade
Ripping up the streets
Emergent like spacetime

Collapsing continuously
Wild raptures of emotion
Microscopic phenomona
A universal understanding


Shifting sands

Shifting sands

But all of that aside
A summit remains
Lodged in the clouds
Of our good intentions

A system before its age
Bubbles reality around us
Transforming interactions
Broadening our horizons

Room to avoid collision
Interruption to momentum
Counter-productive resonance
Confusing the effervescence

Rates increase exponentially
Rendering analysis futile
Constants change constantly
And matter becomes waves

Either we know what is
Or we know what isn’t
Like cake on your butter
There’s money to be had

Even the past slips away
Leaving us über stranded
Counting horses arriving
Fast and with consequence

Subsequent landing

Subsequent landing

Maybe it’s emergent chaos
Struggling to form a cloud
Large enough to lift off

Taking enlightened souls
Away from ground level
Rising to be plucked

Brought down to Earth
Browbeaten, tapping out
Counting failed attempts

Littering our shared mind
Ridiculed, assassinated
Generally ignored.

But why would they
Sacrifice themselves
Unable to harness power

Wield it openly in public
Touting their transparency
So truthful yet so trapped

Another challenge ahead
A heavy duty assumption
Work to narrow the spread.

Cam addict

Cam addict

The helm is empty
We did our job
Spacetime to clock off

Probability of change
From equations emergent
Explains sweet nothing

What’s to complain about
If our processes extend
With every passing day

Count myriad failed attempts
To impregnate aspiring mums
Distracted from the task

Magnetised by the webnet
Morals unravelling slyly
Along with ascendant plans

We delegate difficulty
So as to find our love
With whomsoever comes

On time in their underwear
We sneak a peek at fancy
Before crunching qubits

Then the flash strikes
Lighting the higher senses
Marking stage mutation

Regretting now having lost
Straying wide from the path
And acting without thought



Now they can switch off
Relinquish action, observe
We got what we wanted

Leave those who in control
Empty vessels’ ballast
Dislocate rudders freely

It remains early post-scam
The mindbody is still high
Believing it can’t believe it

Cue a pressurisation device
To blow these shackles off
Bring to a halt the impulses

Just the spacetime it takes
To liberate another whimper
Take an axe to the hoax

The next event looms
It’s a when-where program
And a fresh install, reboot

Here’s to our other lives
All beginning right now
Trade them off why not