Hotel Sciuridae

Hotel Sciuridae

Energy is hardly in decline
But by living together
We harness its density
Organise into nutshells

Stocking into storepiles
Preparing for winter
Our defensive strategy
A symbiosis with life

Highly ontological
Proportional to quantity
Negentropically sound
Annihilating chaos

Yellow and orange harmony
Accentuates the order
The absence of force
Universally meticulous

In pursuing higher function
Unlocking potential
Flooding the mind-body
With ever new chemicals

As yet undocumented
A unique chemistry set
With complimentary ducts
Blending and filtering drugs

Our body has yet to reveal
All of its secrets unknown
By toning down hatred
Dissolving ideas of hierarchy


Soppy sceptic

Soppy sceptic

We meditate
Open our minds
Which in return
Flush into our blood
Addictive opiods
Yet this is not seen
As being well understood

Finding the way

Finding the way

Sitting in Tavistock Square
Deciding whether it is
The correct measure
To be making decisions
On how to handle
This situation

Yet at the same time
Feeling the threat
Of missing opportunity
Because of deem-acting
The syndrome of change
Must occur

What we seek
Has been found
As expected
As usual
In the form
We try to escape

Free people
Float out
Resist returning
Only confirming
And instilling
The reoccurrence

Saddening in thought
Deep and familiar
In impact, yet
Circumstances remain
Leaving purity
And shared knowledge.