Coaxing my subconscious
Into accepting a proto era
Submit, beast! Lie down,
Gatekeeper! Let it all in!

I shift in my environment
Cutting the chance of change
By culling free variables
I no longer target taboos

Feeling persecuted? Trying
To liberate the masses
Hence we are assassinated
The first mind emancipated

Ideas are burned, abridged,
Mutated and redacted.
Until the message is obscured
And generations have passed

Lessons shall be repeated
Experiences revisited
Disinformation discarded
Manipulation uncovered

Diversion undermined
No giants on this causeway
Off the ladder, so small
Hope springs embryonic.


Whims too

Whims too

Two more threats to come
Broad lines of association
Contributing to understanding
Of the manipulation of facts

Explanations to mysteries
Revealed as coverings up
And then, worst of all,
Reaching into the past

Changing yet more facts
In an instant, why not, and
Foreseeably irreversible
I.e., lies in the past

No wonder we’re tense
Pointing to today
Illuminating possibilities
Ignorant of the future

And the changes it will bring
To our mental states
As the grip tightens
And entropy guts our lives

Reciprocally we tribalise
Incarcerate Prometheus
Hoard data defensively
Encrypt our intentions