Vicious circus

Vicious circus

These social ranking systems
Held privately in shaky hands
Leak user-made propaganda
Into virgin minds and souls

In an era of mass hypnosis
Self source witty p.c. puns
Despite the clicker within
Zapping jingoistic imagery

Lurking deep inside your gut
Primed by abysmal noise
Live-streamed revolutions
And other armed tentacles

Highly targeted, multifarious
Built on variable geometry
And obliterated freedoms
Like the act of labelling truth

Gauging deterministic levels
Bucks untruth dominating us
Allows untrusting ourselves
It’s pitch black, we retreat

Cautiously deserted rearguard
So overtly over-defended
And bond some with tech
Frame our life in screens.




Coaxing my subconscious
Into accepting a proto era
Submit, beast! Lie down,
Gatekeeper! Let it all in!

I shift in my environment
Cutting the chance of change
By culling free variables
I no longer target taboos

Feeling persecuted? Trying
To liberate the masses
Hence we are assassinated
The first mind emancipated

Ideas are burned, abridged,
Mutated and redacted.
Until the message is obscured
And generations have passed

Lessons shall be repeated
Experiences revisited
Disinformation discarded
Manipulation uncovered

Diversion undermined
No giants on this causeway
Off the ladder, so small
Hope springs embryonic.