Peas askance

Peas askance

Did we agree these words exist
That they describe our common life
An argument that slipped my mind
A spacetime freed from my orbit

Conflicting opinions generate heat
Friction erodes our platonic consensus
Valence levels require one or the other
But for that to happen bonds break

Releasing vast amounts of loose energy
New worlds are created dialectically
Histories evolve into mutual exclusivity
Our will and our ability fail generally

Having once taken up the mantel
We stand looking around us now
The floor is littered with seeds
Shoots and hotbeds swallow us whole

Fragile components face the elements
Hence we’re susceptible to setbacks
Such as this looping positive feedback
Currently centrifuging the love we had.


Reclaiming birth

Reclaiming birth

Buy an inbred newborn
Unloved by the world
Rejected right away

Instill that wonderful joy
Unform negative imprints
That never go away

But on closer inspection
Brittle textures emerge
And khaki flakes flick off

Two portraits emerge
Echoing into the future
Drawing wafts of incense

Yellow success threatened
Red love destroyed
Tails firm between legs

Packaged in soft silks
And tucked in dry wool
Being sent now home

Wave functions branch
Why’s are unanswered
But their trail endless

And their trajectory this
Cloud of possibilities
So tempting to unravel

Life in suspended motion
Animated by imprints
Set in stone by actions.