Vicious circus

Vicious circus

These social ranking systems
Held privately in shaky hands
Leak user-made propaganda
Into virgin minds and souls

In an era of mass hypnosis
Self source witty p.c. puns
Despite the clicker within
Zapping jingoistic imagery

Lurking deep inside your gut
Primed by abysmal noise
Live-streamed revolutions
And other armed tentacles

Highly targeted, multifarious
Built on variable geometry
And obliterated freedoms
Like the act of labelling truth

Gauging deterministic levels
Bucks untruth dominating us
Allows untrusting ourselves
It’s pitch black, we retreat

Cautiously deserted rearguard
So overtly over-defended
And bond some with tech
Frame our life in screens.


Lancing fistulae

Lancing fistulae

When people wake up washed up
The fetid nature within them
Tends to explode their brains

Opening drains for the first time
Through decades long processes
Or tried and applied overnight

Can be done without trauma
Or inflicting life-long sequelae
But why bother with tact

With such tight encryption
And when layer upon layer
Hides behind education

Ponder third-party approaches
Manipulation by stranger
Mimicking all facial expressions

From nowhere a bond forms
And a blue memory is released
Causing cascading consequences

However shortly it was lived
There was a place and time
Golden freedom had reigned

Now it’s drugs for thought
Neurotransmitters for lunch
And signals to all stations

One by one wires uncross
Purple pieces fall into place
And the message decodes

Distracted by oblivion

Distracted by oblivion

Follow a daily routine
Reinforce held ideas
Develop yoga holds
Invent new apparatus

Evolve one’s brain
Forge higher circuits
Pioneer neural pathways
And admire the gestalt

A resonant inner-harmony
The realm of the known
But yet to be unlocked
By the holder of a key

Cipher holographic life-form
A biological blockchain
Projecting herself into space
Occupying her time

Letting her process run
Modulating behaviour
Then reproducing

With your sperm only
Whilst you were out
Distracted by oblivion
But having ably fixed

Your energy’s frequency
Placing ear to collarbone
A symphony of systems
An organ un-described

Not elsewhere classified
Poorly misunderstood
Evasive under questioning
Now she it unsealed [sic].

Giant what

Giant what

On the one hand

We stand on shoulders

Stuffing facts with our minds

And vice versa

Whereas on the other

We rot in cages

That divide our minds

From our bodies.