Hard to say or measure
But knowing matters
Requires a certain state
Of being possessed

Removed times over
Stretching fog thin
Grasping all context
Breathing rather deeply

Time, distance and closure
Wins, losses, ties
Retreat, withdraw, resign
But yield all data

Crunch this vocal model
Cull extraneous entries
Rationalise into dust
A spacetime line of fit

What’s best however
Is to filter all filters
Assume a warped state
But believe all senses

Shift, tilt and crunch
Twist, manipulate, contrive
Accept probable falsehoods
Foster pristine values


Fresh start

Fresh start

If I may be as bold as
Assuming superposition
It’s another skin to shed
Another face to erase

What was once subterfuge
Is now a case of encounter
With means to bear this out
So, like stepping off the ice

Spin through two rotations
Change among worlds
Reattribute landmarks past
Designate latent change

Turn around again blank
Imprint every circuit fresh
If we may be so bold
As to redefine essence