Buy, read, review

Buy, read, review

As a writer, I know how challenging it can be to get my work in front of readers. While social media and online platforms have made it easier to share my writing with a wider audience, there are still many barriers to overcome. That’s why it’s so important for me to have the support of my readers, particularly when it comes to buying, reading, and reviewing my novels and poetry collections.

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Reviews are a crucial part of the book world. They help readers decide whether or not to buy a book, and they can also help boost my visibility on online platforms like Amazon and Goodreads. When you leave reviews of my books, you’re not just helping me – you’re also helping other readers discover my work. Positive reviews can lead to more book sales and a larger fan base.

So, if you’re a reader who enjoys my writing and wants to support my career, I would be incredibly grateful if you could buy, read, and review my novels and poetry collections. You can do this by sharing links to my books on your social media platforms, hosting giveaways or promotions, and even offering to send free copies to your most dedicated friends and family members.

Remember, as a writer, I can’t do it alone. I need the support of my readers to succeed, and by buying, reading, and reviewing my work, you’re helping to build a community of fans who will support me for years to come.


Lies and Hypocrisy by Mel Vil

Inspired by Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Lies and Hypocrisy uses a crime style to explore the deeper emotional landscape of guilt. In particular, Mel Vil adopts the physiological analogy of the immune system to portray the unique character of the protagonist Sammy.

If you like the writing here, please consider buying a copy of this, or another title, as it will motivate me to write more! Also available on Apple, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Peas askance

Peas askance

Did we agree these words exist
That they describe our common life
An argument that slipped my mind
A spacetime freed from my orbit

Conflicting opinions generate heat
Friction erodes our platonic consensus
Valence levels require one or the other
But for that to happen bonds break

Releasing vast amounts of loose energy
New worlds are created dialectically
Histories evolve into mutual exclusivity
Our will and our ability fail generally

Having once taken up the mantel
We stand looking around us now
The floor is littered with seeds
Shoots and hotbeds swallow us whole

Fragile components face the elements
Hence we’re susceptible to setbacks
Such as this looping positive feedback
Currently centrifuging the love we had.



Hard to say or measure
But knowing matters
Requires a certain state
Of being possessed

Removed times over
Stretching fog thin
Grasping all context
Breathing rather deeply

Time, distance and closure
Wins, losses, ties
Retreat, withdraw, resign
But yield all data

Crunch this vocal model
Cull extraneous entries
Rationalise into dust
A spacetime line of fit

What’s best however
Is to filter all filters
Assume a warped state
But believe all senses

Shift, tilt and crunch
Twist, manipulate, contrive
Accept probable falsehoods
Foster pristine values

Hotel Sciuridae

Hotel Sciuridae

Energy is hardly in decline
But by living together
We harness its density
Organise into nutshells

Stocking into storepiles
Preparing for winter
Our defensive strategy
A symbiosis with life

Highly ontological
Proportional to quantity
Negentropically sound
Annihilating chaos

Yellow and orange harmony
Accentuates the order
The absence of force
Universally meticulous

In pursuing higher function
Unlocking potential
Flooding the mind-body
With ever new chemicals

As yet undocumented
A unique chemistry set
With complimentary ducts
Blending and filtering drugs

Our body has yet to reveal
All of its secrets unknown
By toning down hatred
Dissolving ideas of hierarchy