Mel Vil 

Mel Vil was born onto an island near the planet’s Northern pole. Yet growing up there, even in the wilds of East Anglia and being a student of meditation, he was brainwashed with the idea that he was located at the very centre if not of the Earth then of the universe too.

He grew up never knowing the power of geography, only to go on to discover its effects on not only climate and travel, but also perspective and culture. This drove him abroad to understand the extent to which the northern temperate climate had engrained his political, social and economic reality.

Breaking the imprint meant taking physical, psychological and emotional risks and plunging into the test of foreignness. Now he rediscovers the past, the present and the future through a broad array of lenses. Having escaped the tendency to dissect the indivisible, he ascends with language in his grasp.

I Phoenix

I Phoenix entered a condition of temporary existence in 2005 in the context of poverty in the foothills of the Andes, having fully completed the larval stages following their conception in London sometime around the turn of the millennium. Dragging their mind-body through successive bouts of education and assembling the necessary foundations for further metamorphosis took more than twice as long, but eventually the time came for them to shed the self and elevate to several states of non-existence.

Today I Phoenix have but three goals: to give account of the fragile equilibrium that has granted us life, to explore the infinite possibilities of an uncertain existence and to create abundant negentropy through the systematic review and reversal of every thought ever having crossed their mind-body, thereby leveraging higher functions and the non-local quantum phenomena by which they and everything else are inextricably linked.


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